Monday, October 5, 2009

What does it mean to you?

The other day I was participating in a Facebook 'discussion' about politics. A resident in another township was complaining about politicians who get elected and then 'forget to serve the people who put them there'. There was then a discussion about what, exactly, that means, followed by a conversation about how politicians claim they are 'just trying to do the right thing' and what, exactly, does THAT mean? 

It was interesting to see how differently people interpret those concepts. I observed that I've learned when it comes to politics, no matter what you do, someone's going to be unhappy with you, so you might as well choose a well-thought out course of action and have the courage of your convictions to stick your neck out defending it. And, your version of what's right and mine can be vastly at odds with each other, but we'll both express righteous indignation at the accusation that either of us wants anything less than 'the right thing' for our communities.

I also gave the opinion that in my experience 'not forgetting the people who put you there' is sometimes interpreted by politicians as needing to cater to special interests. I've seen it here in Lower Providence; how the needs of the few are sometimes held to be more important than what benefits the overall community. Tell me: are there any four or five residents here who are more important than you are? Or your family? Your neighborhood? Quick, tell me who they are so we can all quit fighting about it and go rake leaves or something.

So tell me, what do those things mean to you? When you elect a candidate to some office, what, exactly, do you expect?

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TommyR -COLSNS said...

Just my 2 cents...Each time I cast my vote I expect that the person that has earned that vote will take into office with them the understanding that they are there to serve the people. Not just the people that put them there with their vote but those that didn't have the faith the others had in them. That being said I further expect that they do the best possible job that they can and not allow the powers of their new office go to there heads. No person can keep all of their constituents happy all of the time. Many people don't understand that various factors need to be considered in the political realm when it comes to getting things done. Far to often the straight up down vote to pass or defeat something can not be achieved due to over bearing complex language in legislation.

All members of an elected officials constituency want to feel like they are being treated special and want to know that the person that they voted for hasn't forgotten who put them there. Simply put I expect that when an official is elected to office they do the job and not worry about getting back in before putting the business of the people first and foremost. If you do the job and treat the people with respect, concentrating on making the people the first priority and not re-election those qualities will gain strength. Being true to ones word I feel is also a must. Right or wrong...if you said it own it..and if you say your gonna do it get it done...again just my 2 cents...from a guy that is anything but perfect, but aspires to be better and better with each passing day.