Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big (Sheriff's) Shoes To Fill

My understanding is that the Montgomery County Republican party's executive committee/area leaders will meet on Monday to wade through and consider all those individuals (almost a dozen!) who threw their hats into the ring for the opportunity to replace  beloved Sheriff John Durante, who recently passed away.

Lower Providence has two contenders up for consideration, both of them worthy: one is Ben Crahalla, who was our delightfully colorful longtime district justice of 22 years, until the end of last year, when The Hon. Cathleen Rebar took over that office.

The other is Joseph Stemple, the former chief of police in Whitpain Township, most recently a member of our Planning Commission and our 'Senior Citizen of the Year' for 2009.

Either would be an excellent choice and representative of Lower Providence's best. Just wanted to wish both gentlemen the best of luck on Monday.


All candidates were interviewed and discussed but a formal vote was not taken on whom to recommend to the Governor (the name must be submitted within 90 days to the PA Senate for confirmation).  I heard that one candidate did quite well and hit it out of the park; however, getting this done in Harrisburg is going to be tougher now that budget season is underway. If the 90 days passes with no name submitted, then the Chief Deputy (Al Ricci), who is Acting Sheriff now, fills out the remainder of the term.

May 11 is the deadline for the Governor to submit a name for PA Senate confirmation, so Bob Kerns may try be more aggressive in trying to get this done as that date approaches.  

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