Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Scenes from Methacton 2013 Post Prom

This year's theme was '2013 World Tour: The Journey Begins Tonight", and the decorations and mood of this year's post prom celebration didn't disappoint. For those who couldn't make the walk-through, I thought I'd give you a peek at what you missed; for those who did, perhaps I got a shot of something you didn't.

Venetian gondola

The event is free to all Methacton juniors and seniors and their dates; approximately 900 kids attend each year and are thus  not on the streets after the prom (this year's prom was held at Presidential Caterers in East Norriton), potentially drinking and driving (or being subjected to those who do). Free (and awesome!) food is available all evening, and activities ranging from trike races, inflatables of every type, cash cab contest, a casino, dodgeball and volleyball tournaments, Wii games, a hypnotist, coffee house, fortune tellers, massage therapists, etc.

As I wrote this time last year, this event at Methacton, now in its 14th year, would be impossible to pull off without hundreds of volunteers (putting in countless hours), and the many generous individual and corporate sponsors in the community who donate food, materials, prizes, labor and cash. According to the post-prom sponsor book, the cost to pull off this event each year runs approximately $40,000!

Because it's hard to get volunteers to help out overnight (and I'm a night owl) I volunteered to help man the 2 am to 6 am shift and was assigned to help provide security. The worst that happened was a couple of girls engaged in a fight, which was quickly broken up and parents called to pick up the students involved.

When the kids and their parents register for the event, they commit to staying all night or they can indicate ahead of time that students  may leave, but the school will call the parents and advise them of same. The kids get punchy around 5, 5:30 am and even though an area is provided for those who want to take a nap, some kids try to leave (which defeats the purpose) so the evening is structured so that the door prizes are announced between 5 and 6  am  and you must be there to win - to encourage kids to stay put.  My son and his date, both seniors, both won prizes (Phillies tickets and a $100 gift certificate, respectively) but other prizes included iPads, iPods, DVD players, digital cameras, laptops, flat screen TVs, and video game systems.

As a grateful parent, I give my personal thanks to all the volunteers and sponsors over the course of each year who work so hard to keep our kids safe on what should be one of the most enjoyable evenings of their lives. 


Inflatables in the gym

Tiki bathroom

Arctic bathroom

New York City was represented, down to the sewer grates!


Teatime in the UK


Trike races!


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