Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here for the Party

Now that the 2010 Pennsylvania Primary is behind us, I’d like to comment on the impact it had in Lower Providence. That might take a couple of posts, but first and foremost I want to report that there are four new faces to the Lower Providence Republican Committee, and they are all female.

First, I won one of two seats in my race in 2-3, replacing departing committeeman Bill Stewart, who had decided not to run this time around, and came within five votes of taking the title of top vote-getter and beating my opponent, Kathie Eskie. [UDPATE: AS OF 6-15-10 the certified, official results are me with 158, Ms. Eskie with 156, and Mr. Donovan with 88] I had 8 more votes (that I know of) that couldn’t make it to the poll in time, or I would have – but it doesn’t matter. I’m happy to have had all the support that I did. We had approximately 33% turnout at our poll, which may be unprecedented for a primary. While the Democrats came out in force to support Sestak (who had a very strong (and entertaining) poll worker there for them in the name of Wendell Young from Oakridge Circle in my district), the only reason the Republicans came out was for my race.

 Second, in district 2-1, newcomer Linda Tyson won the seat vacated by our new district justice, Cathleen Kelly Rebar. I don’t know Linda yet, but I will reach out to her to introduce myself and I look forward to working with her.

Third, Barbara Donofrio won at 3-4 (Shannondell), replacing Lea Bertha, who did not run for another term.

Last, but certainly not least, local court reporter Kimberly Bursner won in voting district 1-1, replacing Rosie Lomire, who also decided not to run. I do know Kim – she has been involved a little bit as far as attending fundraisers and trying to learn who all the players are in Lower Providence – and we’re ‘Facebook friends” - and I know she will be a great addition to the Committee.

I just wanted to say something about my race.  I heard loud and clear, through knocking on doors, talking to people, and in seeing just who came out to vote for me yesterday - despite the miserable weather - that Republican politics as usual – on any level, not just in Lower Providence - is not acceptable any longer for this Party.

My theme was that we needed to step up our game and bring new energy and ideas to the table, along with remembering who our base is and what they value in order to better combat liberal candidates and policies, and I am dedicated to making that a reality. I appreciate the voters’ trust in me to advocate that viewpoint. I realize the “establishment” Republican party may not like that, but since I’m positive we agree in more areas than we disagree, I am sure we will find a way to unite, work together and move forward.

There are so many people who help one succeed in an election, and I’m not even going to try here to thank all of them. I’ve made a lot of those calls and given a lot of those hugs (and still have a few more to go, along with some thank you letters), and those folks all know who they are. I appreciate every single thing anyone did for me, no matter how small.

 I truly look forward to, as country singer Gretchen Wilson sings in a song that obviously is a play on words, being “Here for the Party”.


Trooper Gal said...

You are one sick puppy, the only reason Rebublicans came out to vote was for you. How about all the Repubicans that came out to vote for Ms. Eskie, don't you count them? What an ego you have, and by the way, thanks for throwing Bill Donovan under the bus, you have some nerve. It is time you start spending some time with your son or he will forget who you are, or maybe he already has. I can't wait to see how the Republican Committee reacts to your presence. I hope they censure you for the next four years.

Janice Kearney said...

Trooper Gal - perhaps you should take some deep cleansing breaths and read it again. It says they came out for that RACE, not for ME. I am fully cognizant that I represent people who didn't vote for me, too, and I know by the time 4 years is up, I will have won a lot of them over. The real work of this job starts now.

And for the record, "Bill" Donovan (Bo, to anyone who really knows who/what they are talking about) would be the first to tell you he was not thrown under the bus by anyone. He chose to focus on other things more than knocking on doors, and we are still good friends. He will have my proxy if for some reason I can't make a meeting - he's got great ideas, energy and political savvy - and we're lucky to get whatever he has time to give us.

My son is still speaking to me too so no worries there...both my kids fully understand and support why it's important to participate in government, so don't worry about them - they already have a mom who does (and can multitask being a mom with politics just fine, thanks).

Last, not sure why you think I should be censured...I haven't done anything to warrant that nor do I expect to. Perhaps you should save some of that groundless angst for our Democrat opponents in the Fall...if Mrs. Eskie wasn't censured for supporting Democrats, I don't know what else could get you in trouble with the party. That's usually a big no-no - it's right in the bylaws.