Friday, May 7, 2010

The Road Untravelled

Getting around in Trooper this past week or so has been quite a challenge. While many areas across the state have roads in deplorable condition, we’ve been blessed by the highway gods at PennDOT in that two of our main roadways, Park Avenue and Ridge Pike, are being repaved… at the same time.

For those of you who have called the township to complain, please know that these are state roads, not township roads, so Lower Providence has no control over what happens with these roads or when, from paving to snowplowing etc.

I’m told that the milling and paving that’s being performed is normally scheduled PennDOT maintenance and repair, and that the township received some notice that it would be occurring, although I don’t recall seeing any communications from either entity to affected residents.

Lower Providence requested PennDOT to wait to repave Ridge Pike until we’re done with the right-hand turn lane widening project from Ridge Pike onto southbound Trooper Road, but were told that PennDOT was going to go ahead with their work anyway, which is a shame, because it will all have to be dug up and repaved again. Of course PennDOT’s operated that way for years, so why change now…how many times have you sat through roadwork somewhere, only to have to go through it all again a few weeks or months later in the same spot because sewer repair or other subsequent work was being done? You’d think PennDOT and the local municipalities would get on the same page and save not only money but driver angst.

Anyway, I can’t recall a time that both roads were ever done at the same time. While PennDOT is doing most of the work at night, starting to set up around dusk or so, it’s been a challenge just to make a WaWa run, get gas, or even just to return from somewhere like your kids’ evening baseball games. Something that usually takes ten minutes can now easily take in excess of 40 minutes in and out. Still, I'll take that any day over the major delays that would be caused if the work were done during rush hour.

Aside from the traffic issues, I have heard complaints from the understandably cranky residents along the affected roads that the equipment noise and bright lights are keeping them up all night. I know when I can hear it from my house, which practically abuts Church Road, it’s got to be really annoying if you live right where the work is being done.

FYI, all the work should be done sometime next week. Thanks to Dave Schaffer with LP Public Works for the update.


Ron from Worcester said...


I see you signs all over Lower Providence. It is great to see you running for this position and you having an Elephant on your sign. We need good people in Government positions. Congratulations and I will be looking forward to the results. Stay in touch.

The Professor said...

I like your signs.

Good luck on Tuesday!